In Embarrassing Editorial, Oklahoman Staff Claims Decline in Christianity is Bad for Society May 18, 2015

In Embarrassing Editorial, Oklahoman Staff Claims Decline in Christianity is Bad for Society

The Oklahoman editorial board isn’t happy with the recent numbers showing a decline in organized religion and an upswing in non-religious Americans.

But why is that such a bad thing? Because, according to the writers, we’re all better off when people just say they’re religious.

… there’s no denying that people genuinely devoted to a religion emphasizing love for others, denial of self, and belief that one answers to a higher power have generated far more societal improvement than what’s been rendered by those pursuing a self-directed “do whatever makes you feel good” ethos.

Our nation is undoubtedly a better place when there are more of the former than the latter.

Oh, there’s plenty of denial taking place here…

We know what this “Christian” ethos has led to in Oklahoma: Opposition to marriage equality, ineffective and harmful promotion of abstinence-only sex education, government-sponsored attempts to hurt science education, etc.

The writers even admit that the “state ranks high in violent crime, drug abuse, teen pregnancy and similar societal ills.” But they conveniently ignore any role religion may have to play in any of that.

Oklahomans’ problems aren’t the product of Christianity.

That’s an easy statement to make when you just ignore any direct link between the two…

The most infuriating line in the whole piece, though, has to be this one:

A classroom full of pregnant teenage atheists would still be a sign of societal decay.

But a classroom full of teenagers who are pregnant because religious forces blocked them from learning about condoms and birth control? I guess that’s perfectly fine…

By the way, you probably wouldn’t see a classroom full of pregnant teenage atheists because studies have shown the more religious the state is, the higher the rate of teenage pregnancy:


Oh, don’t worry. They eventually throw us a bone:

No doubt, many atheists are concerned about these issues. But atheism’s track record at motiving constructive responses to such woes is negligible; in some cases, atheism even provides a ready excuse for engaging in acts that fuel social problems.

Amazing, isn’t it, that people who don’t guilt others into handing them tax-free money haven’t been able to match what some faith-based groups have done?

And what atheism-driven acts fuel social problems, exactly? They don’t tell us. I guess fighting for equal rights, pushing for better science education, and learning to think critically goes against everything Oklahoma stands for.

This entire editorial is a perfect example of how religion works and why so many people are leaving it behind: It perpetuates bullshit, ignores evidence to the contrary, and uses fluffy language with no substance behind it.

Hell, it’s also a reason many people don’t think much of print newspapers. If this is the sort of drivel they’re producing — as an editorial, no less — why bother subscribing?

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