HBO’s VICE Goes to Uganda to Witness U.S. Evangelical-Led Homophobia in Action May 17, 2015

HBO’s VICE Goes to Uganda to Witness U.S. Evangelical-Led Homophobia in Action

Friday night’s episode of VICE on HBO featured a disturbing segment on the anti-gay climate in Uganda and how it was in large part inspired by American evangelical Christians. (Remember: This is the country that once considered a bill that could apply the death penalty to homosexuals. I think Christians refer to that as “loving the sinners.”)

That clip is just insane, with the Ugandan telling reporter Isobel Yeung (while laughing, I might add) that he and his friends rape lesbians and kill gay men because of how disgusting they find homosexuality.

David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement summarizes the theme:

In the VICE episode, [Member of Parliament David] Bahati refuses to name any one of his American partners, but [U.S. Senator James] Inhofe is clearly one. Also among Bahati’s supporters and partners are Scott Lively, Pastor Rick Warren, Sharon Slater, and the World Congress of Families. And Bahati makes clear he and his country support the culture these American Christian extremists have brought to Uganda — one that teaches, falsely, that gay people are all pedophiles, homosexuality is a choice, it is evil, and children must be protected from it at all costs.

At one point, Yeung asks Bahati if raping lesbians or killing gay men — or at least threatening that — is acceptable. Bahati says they should “abandon those activities.”

He’s referring to the gays and lesbians.

The entire episode is just full of eye-popping statements from Ugandan preachers:

A consequence of gay sex… as acted out by a Christian theater group for an audience of children

If you can catch a rerun or watch the episode on HBO GO, do it. Without explicitly saying it, the episode is a condemnation of the homophobia American Christians have spread to other parts of the world where the law can’t keep vigilantes in check.

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