Those Other Religions Are Way Worse Than My Own May 15, 2015

Those Other Religions Are Way Worse Than My Own

It’s always fun when religious people try to explain why other religions are silly… even when it’s satire. Over at College Humor, Johnny Anonymous tries to laugh off Scientology:

1. Scientologists believe there was a dictator of the Galactic Confederacy named Xenu?? Uh, SURE, Scientology…

I mean — c’mon. This is just SO STUPID. Xenu? Galactic Confederacy? Psssh, whatever, you Scientologist NUTJOBS! That belief is so silly and ridiculous, unlike Christianity’s belief that there is a figure known as Lucifer who defied God (the omniscient creator of all existence) and was banished from Heaven (a really nice place that exists on another plane of reality or maybe the sky or something).

And he’s just getting started 🙂

(Image via 360b / Thanks to Tom for the link)

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