Ken Ham is Worried About Losing Young People to “Churches of Atheism” (a.k.a. Public Schools) May 15, 2015

Ken Ham is Worried About Losing Young People to “Churches of Atheism” (a.k.a. Public Schools)

Answers in Genesis’ Ken Ham knows exactly what’s behind the recent Pew poll that found, among other things, a significant decline in Christianity among young people: too much evidence-based thinking.

And he knows exactly how to cure all that critical-thinking: more fantasy-based indoctrination.

This is totally how Science works

To make his case, Ham covers the Pew results and also presents the “troubling” findings from polls conducted on behalf of AiG, including

  • 86% of the 60s age group believes Noah’s Ark was actually built, but only 52% of the 20s age group believes this.
  • 60% of the 60s age group believes the Christian faith is under attack today, but only 34% of the 20s group believes this.

If your business is peddling belief in the absurdities of a literal ark story, and you rely on fear-mongering as a tried-and-true sales technique, then sure, the numbers may be troubling. Not so much if you value an evidence-based worldview.

But according to Ham’s research, there’s even more troubling news about church-goers in their 20’s:

  • Over 40% state they are not born again.
  • 35% declare the Bible has errors or that they don’t know if it has errors.
  • Close to 90% attend public school.
  • Over 20% left school believing the Bible was less true.
  • Over 45% say they were not taught to defend their faith at Sunday school.
  • 45% say homosexual behavior is not a sin or that they don’t know if it is a sin.
  • 40% believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry and have legal rights, and an additional 10% say they don’t know if they should or not.
  • 20% believe there are books other than the Bible that are inspired by God, and an additional 10% don’t know if there are.
  • 65% believe if you are a good person you will go to heaven.

Now, obviously, from a fundamentalist perspective, it’s a bad thing that kids might be tolerant of others, or (gasp) recognize that same-sex couples should have legal rights. But why attending public school is thrown in with this list of worrying items is perhaps less obvious, until you recognize that public schools are horrible, no good, very bad places that teach actual science.

About 90% of church kids attend public schools, and such schools (even though there are a small number of Christian teachers who are really missionaries in need of our prayers) have really become churches of atheism. There is no doubt in my mind, based on 40 years of ministry and the research conducted through ARG, that public education has had a disastrous effect on the coming generations. Our research has shown conclusively that the teaching of evolutionary beliefs in geology, biology, astronomy, and anthropology has been a leading factor in causing the doubt. And saddest of all, the compromise by Christian leaders on such matters has greatly contributed to the reason so many young people have left the church and have a predominantly secularized worldview.

Aside from the use of “belief” when discussing a well established scientific theory, Ham’s admission is pretty accurate: science contradicts what’s written in Genesis (at least, if it’s interpreted literally). That’s the very reason Ham has devoted so much time promoting Creationism, which is nothing more than religion gussied up to look science-y. In order to counter the contradiction between science and belief, he pretends that belief is plenty science-y. It works!… so long as you don’t dig too deep.

But that’s exactly what Ham wants: to make sure that students are so indoctrinated and sheltered, they don’t have the opportunity or desire to dig deep. Indeed, it’s the point of his article: please, for the love of God and Christianity, buy my stuff!

I urge homes and churches to use Answers in Genesis’ apologetics materials, which have been revolutionary to children, teens, and adults as they learn to defend the Christian faith and stand boldly and uncompromisingly on the authority of the Word of God beginning in Genesis.

I encourage you to challenge your church to use AiG’s increasingly popular Answers Bible Curriculum to instruct all ages in the truth of God’s Word.

I implore you to use these leading creation apologetics resources for your young people at home and at church

And just in case the previous links weren’t enough, he lists a slew of individual items that you should really, really buy. For Jesus, of course:

Yes, we are losing the millennials — which is why homes and churches need to act!

It’s worth pointing out that staking your religion’s reputation on something demonstrably false (“evolution didn’t happen!”) only works so long as people are shielded from the facts. Indoctrination might work for awhile, but especially in the days of the internet, it’s hard to keep people ignorant forever (just ask the Latter-day Saints).

The information is out there, and it’s not going anywhere, no matter how many books or DVDs Ham sells.

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