A New Approach to Win Converts for Jesus: Littering May 15, 2015

A New Approach to Win Converts for Jesus: Littering

Ray Comfort‘s Living Waters ministry is now selling a new way to proselytize to people.

Remember those one-million-dollar bills with a long passage about God on the back? That’s old school now.

Now, it’s all about fake Starbucks gift cards, fake driver’s licenses, and fake credit cards:

This die-cut tract is printed on glossy card and gives the appearance of someone having dropped the contents of their wallet. Sure to be picked up and read.

And how will you get these into heathens’ hands?

Simple, says Comfort: Just litter:

How do you give out this tract? You just drop it. That’s all.

So it’s garbage in a couple of different ways. That’ll teach everyone to Jesus properly.

Littering is a crime in California, where Comfort lives. Who wants to bet that if any Christian attempting to drop one of these fake cards got caught and fined, we’d soon hear the cries of persecution?

(Thanks to Rob for the link)

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