Christian on Craigslist Wants Help Faking a Miracle So He Can Prove to Atheists That Miracles Are Real May 11, 2015

Christian on Craigslist Wants Help Faking a Miracle So He Can Prove to Atheists That Miracles Are Real

***Update***: After emailing with the person who posted the ad, I can confirm it’s a hoax.

Might as well say this up front: I don’t know if this is true.

With that out of the way, this is hilarious.

A(n alleged) Christian on Craigslist is asking for help to fake a miracle (regrowing a limb) in order to prove to his atheist friends that miracles are totally real:

Christians needed to help create a video showing a man healed by God.
Angry atheists have long mocked God by claiming faith healing isn’t real because amputees don’t re-grow limbs. We are creating a video that, through the magic of editing, seems to show a man’s arm re-growing after he prays for a miracle. This will be used as uplifting proof that our heavenly God exists and answers prayer, even in our darkest moments.

We can use all kinds of help: Technical support, transportation, bringing food/drinks, holding the script etc., but most importantly being a witness for God, and telling the world that God can heal any man.
Please respond as quickly as possible as we begin filming May 16. Please send us the following info:
– Your name
– Your email
– Your church or affiliation
– Tasks you can help us with

Help us put those atheists in their place!

God Bless!


I’ve sent the poster an email inquiring whether it’s for real. If I hear back, I’ll let you know.

More likely, I’m about to get an obscene picture of someone’s anatomy in my inbox…

(via Reddit. Image via Shutterstock)

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