Kids Stop Bully by Being Nice to Him. Somehow, God Gets All the Credit May 8, 2015

Kids Stop Bully by Being Nice to Him. Somehow, God Gets All the Credit

How do you stop a grade-school bully?

Sure, you could just tell an adult about the problem, but if you realize the bully’s being “tough” as some sort of defense mechanism, you might just reach out to him. Show him that he matters to you. Extend a hand of friendship.

That’s basically what Phoenix and Kingston Walwyn did with the bully on their bus in Pasadena, Texas. They gave him a book one day… and he stopped calling them names. Success!

But because the book was a Bible, you know exactly how this is playing out…

… the children, Phoenix, 8, and Kingston, 7… used the gospel to topple a bully.

“I sat back and was like, I don’t want to have to take my shirt off and meet (the bully) at the bus stop, you know what I mean,” [father/pastor] Vaughaliagan Walwyn said. “So, I prayed about it and God said, you know what, let’s get this kid a Bible. Tell him Jesus loves him and invite him to church and see what happens.

“We gave it to (the bully) and two minutes later when it was almost his stop to get off, he just said thank you and (I’m) sorry for all the bad stuff (I) did to you,” Phoenix Walwyn said.

Jesus had nothing to do with it. They could’ve given the bully a copy of The God Delusion and it probably would have led to the same result. It was the gesture of reaching out that made a difference, not the book’s contents.

But who wants to bet none of that will matter to the people inevitably sharing this story on your Facebook wall?

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