Christian Right Leader: LGBT Rights Supporters Are Just Like ISIS May 8, 2015

Christian Right Leader: LGBT Rights Supporters Are Just Like ISIS

Joseph Backholm, the Executive Director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, would like to explain to everyone how those of us who support LGBT rights and equal protection under the law are *totally* like ISIS:

Standard headgear for evangelical Christian business owners, I assume

If ISIS took over the town you live in, they might move door to door and give you three options: “convert to Islam, pay the jizya, or die.”

The jizya is a tax for not being Muslim.

there are parallels between the way Jihadists treat those who are in dhimmitude and the way the new sexual revolution in America seeks to treat those who disagree with their (religious?) beliefs about sexuality and marriage.

Once they have political power, they are giving businesses three options “convert, pay a fine, or die” (economically, not physically).

Yep totally the same thing. Because ISIS is all about protecting minority rights…

No one is asking Christians to support LGBT rights. No one’s asking pastors to pay a fine for preaching the Bible as they see fit. They can be as bigoted as they want… within their church walls.

But if they want to run a public business, and sell items to people beyond their bubble, they have to play by the same rules as everybody else. It’s that simple. And if they offer awful service, by telling some customers they’re not worth serving, the rest of us have a right to scream it from the mountaintops… and leave the business a shitty Yelp review.

It’s amazing how Christians are the ones treating LGBT people like shit, refusing to even take their money in certain circumstances, and then turning around and whining about how they’re the victims.

It’s not the first time a right-winger has made the comparison to ISIS. What’s amazing is that they’re still using it.

Comparing yourself to the victims of ISIS — which, by the way, include gay people who have been thrown off the sides of tall building to their death — doesn’t make anyone feel bad you. It makes us all realize you’re desperate for sympathy because you’re rightfully not getting any.

No one owes bigoted Christian business owners anything.

I just wish they would do us all a favor and post a giant sign out front listing all the people they refuse to serve, so we can decide for ourselves whether they deserve our cash.

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