Ben Carson: I Aced My College Chemistry Final Because God Gave Me All the Answers in a Dream May 7, 2015

Ben Carson: I Aced My College Chemistry Final Because God Gave Me All the Answers in a Dream

Earlier today, at the official National Day of Prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C., GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson — a neurosurgeon by trade — explained how he passed his chemistry final during his first semester at Yale University:

My grades were so bad that, even if I had gotten an A on the final, I still would’ve failed. That’s how bad it was. But the professor was either very compassionate or very sadistic. I’m not sure which one. Because he had a rule. He said, “Anyone who’s failing, I’ll give them double credit on their final!” So you had, like, that one last burst of hope before you went down.

So there I was, night before, thinking about my life. I said, Lord, medicine is the only thing I ever wanted to do. I always thought that’s what you wanted from me. And yet, it looks like I’m gonna fail chemistry. I’m not gonna go to medical school.

I said, would you please tell me what it is you really want me to do? Or, alternatively and preferably, work a miracle?

I picked up that big chemistry book. I was gonna learn the whole thing that night. And, of course, I fell asleep. Dreamed I was in this large auditorium, just me and a nebulous figure working out chemistry problems.

And I awakened early that morning. That dream was so vivid in my mind. I picked up my book. I started looking up the stuff I dreamed about. And when I went to take the test the next morning, it was like “The Twilight Zone.” I opened that book and I recognized the first problem as one of the ones I dreamed about. And the next, and the next, and the next, and I aced the exam and, you know, got a good mark in chemistry. It worked out okay. And I promised the Lord he would never have to do that for me again.

Amazing isn’t it? God will give Carson all the answers to a final in a dream… and yet Carson has no idea that he’s going to lose the Republican nomination by a landslide.

That God sure works in mysterious ways.

On a side note, it would be great to see a reporter track down his Yale chemistry professor and find out if that double-credit-on-the-final policy was actually legit. We know how Christians love exaggerating their Godly anecdotes.

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