British Politician Nick Clegg: Stop Calling Me an Atheist April 28, 2015

British Politician Nick Clegg: Stop Calling Me an Atheist

More than seven years ago, the newly-elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, told a radio host that he was an atheist:

During a round of media broadcasts on the morning after his election to the post, he was asked by one interviewer: “Do you believe in God?”

“No,” Mr Clegg answered simply, during an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live.

Wow. Very straight-forward for a politician. I love it!

But Clegg quickly clarified that his wife was Roman Catholic and their kids would be raised in that faith. *So, you know, don’t hate him for being godless.)

In 2010, Clegg became Deputy Prime Minister, a position he holds to this day, and a position he will likely have after the May 7 elections, since whichever party wins the most seats will still need his party’s support to form a coalition government.

And wouldn’t you know it, with elections coming soon, Clegg is playing down that whole “atheist” thing:

I’m actually not and never have been a rigid Atheist. I was asked once, do I know whether God exists or not, and I’m actually quite agnostic. I don’t know.

I think it must be wonderful to be infused with faith

I very, very strongly believe we are spiritual beings. I do believe in a spiritual side of human existence. I also believe in the huge importance of it. I just happen not to be a sort of man of faith and, in one sense, I regard that as much as a fact as a shortcoming.

So I’m not a practising Catholic but I would describe myself more as searching rather than being absolutely fixed in my certainties about what does or doesn’t exist. And I like to think that’s actually what most open-minded people are.

Way to disappoint… you’re not a man of faith and you regard that as a shortcoming? Is S.E. Cupp your political advisor now?

In any case, if Ed Miliband‘s Labour Party wins the election, Britain could still see an atheist in power.

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