Secular Students Attend Local Church Services for Fundraiser April 24, 2015

Secular Students Attend Local Church Services for Fundraiser

The Secular Student Alliance at Clarion University (in Pennsylvania) took a hint from I Sold My Soul on eBay and held a fundraiser called “Send an Atheist to Church.”

“We wanted to dispel the misconceptions that society has placed upon atheists, that all atheists are Satan-worshippers or dislike religious people,” stated [SSA president Krystalyn] Kovacs, who has personally attended church services with the members who were “sent to church” through the fundraiser.

The objective of the fundraiser is for every $20 that is donated to SSA, one of its members will attend a church service at one of the many local churches. So far, five different church services have been attended by at least two or three members. Only one of the three or so members have been “sent to church” through the fundraiser, but many of the other SSA members have also attended the services to support one another and to experience the church atmosphere.

To make their efforts more worthwhile, they plan to host an open panel discussion next week to talk about what they learned — hopefully, religious students will attend to ask tough questions and hear what the atheists have to say.

I’m biased, of course, but I love what they’re doing and I hope it leads to more understanding between groups that disagree about some very big ideas.

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