Pastor Creflo Dollar on the Cancellation of His $65 Million Plane Campaign: The Devil Tried to “Discredit My Voice” April 24, 2015

Pastor Creflo Dollar on the Cancellation of His $65 Million Plane Campaign: The Devil Tried to “Discredit My Voice”

Remember how Pastor Creflo Dollar — who has a net worth of $27 million, owns a million-dollar home in Atlanta and a 2.5-million-dollar apartment in Manhattan, drives a Rolls-Royce, and travels via a private jet — wanted to buy a plane worth $65 million? (He was hoping 200,000 people would donate at least $300 toward that goal.)


After a lot of online backlash, the fundraiser was pulled. We have no idea how much money was raised before that happened. But the pastor told his congregation this week that “The Enemy” was just trying to discredit him because he’s a voice of “faith and grace and truth.”

Really, we were all just crushing his dreams. And how dare we try to stop him from dreaming?!

He can dream all he wants, but when those dreams are fulfilled at the expense of his gullible followers — whose bank accounts presumably look nothing like his — then we have an obligation to shine a light on his greed.

(Also, you know, dreams aren’t supposed to cost actual money.)

Yesha Callahan at The Root summed it up well:

Yeah, see, the thing is, you can dream all you want. But don’t expect people to pay for your dreams out of the kindness of their hearts and Social Security checks. When Jesus turned water into wine, he didn’t charge the masses for that wine. Jesus also didn’t expect them to buy him a cart pulled by seven donkeys in return. I’m quite sure that would have been the equivalent of a G650 back then.

Notice how Dollar goes from talking about an actual, tangible, non-transparent fundraiser… to the wishful dreams of his congregation (who aren’t asking other people to hand over cash). Those “dreams” aren’t the same.

I don’t know if I’m more disturbed by his pathetic excuse… or by the cheering people who just soak it in as if they’re all in this together.

I promise you when Dollar gets his plane, the people in that congregation will be the first ones left behind.

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