Eat Your Heart Out, Ken Ham April 21, 2015

Eat Your Heart Out, Ken Ham

The comic strip B.C. was created by Johnny Hart, who often pushed Christian messages in his work. That still seems to be the case even though Hart passed away and his grandsons produce the strip now.

But, for the life of me, I can’t understand today’s comic:

Why would Creationist Ken Ham be eating his heart out? A man riding a dinosaur is totally his thing.

On the Comics Curmudgeon site, Uncle Lumpy can’t figure it out either:

OK, so WTF? Ken Ham presumably wouldn’t care about the brontosaurus/apatosaurus controversy, but why would he “eat (his) heart out” at evidence that dinosaurs and humans coexisted? Maybe Peter thinks Ham will be jealous that it’s some caveman who coexists with dinosaurs, and not Ham himself? Maybe it’s just clumsy phrasing, and the intent was something like, “Here’s one for you, Ken Ham”? Or maybe the new author is less committed to a religious point of view than to B.C.’s fundamental principle, incoherence? Anyway, I’m surprised that an outfit called “The Creator’s Syndicate” doesn’t take a dim view of the whole thing, and you do not want to mess with those guys.

In any case, Ken Ham is literally the punchline here. So it’s okay to laugh.

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