Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 51: Megan Fox, Evolution Exhibit “Auditer” April 20, 2015

Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 51: Megan Fox, Evolution Exhibit “Auditer”

Our latest podcast guest is Megan Fox, the apparent evolution-denier who “debunked” a science exhibit at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History and posted the video on YouTube.

(Yep. Really.)

In a long, far-ranging, and sometimes infuriating interview, we talked about the reactions to her “audit” videos, whether her gender plays a role in the backlash, and why she doesn’t consider herself a Creationist.

We also discussed why she believes not censoring the Internet in a local library’s adult section sanctions “taxpayer funded access to child porn.” (In response to her battle with the Orland Park Public Library, readers of this site raised nearly $7,000 for the library’s general fund.)

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