Foundation Beyond Belief’s Next Major Grant Will Benefit Starfish, a Group Helping Young Women in Guatemala April 18, 2015

Foundation Beyond Belief’s Next Major Grant Will Benefit Starfish, a Group Helping Young Women in Guatemala

When we launched Foundation Beyond Belief in 2010, the plan was to encourage atheists to give to a bunch of amazing charities — 10 of them each quarter, to be precise — and help make giving to others a habit for secular people (who usually have no formal way to do that).

In 2012, we decided to cut the number of beneficiaries from 10 to 5 in order to give larger donations to each organization. That, coupled with a rising donor base, took us from giving about $1,200 to each group at our launch… to about $12,000 per group today.

And then, at the end of last year, we tried something completely different: We chose just one beneficiary, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. We ended up raising $56,700 for them.

We’d like to do that again. This time, our Compassionate Impact Grant will help Starfish, an education and mentorship organization that helps the native Mayan community in Guatemala:

This fall, Starfish is opening their first “high school” model program in the region that has state of the art teaching principles in place for the Starfish Girl Pioneers. With rental space secured for the school, they designed as strong of a teacher training process as possible. The Impact school will open in 2017 with 40 7th grade Girl Pioneers.

Teacher training includes a models and introduction to best practice teaching, and teaching certification through programs in the United States, Mexico and Guatemala. They also plan a Girl Pioneer selection process and strong orientation to strengthen their launch.

It’s a great organization and the major donation will go a long way.

If you’d like to be a part of this, please consider becoming an FBB member!

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