In Canada, Government Prayer Ban is Already Being Tested April 17, 2015

In Canada, Government Prayer Ban is Already Being Tested

A couple of days ago, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the city of Saguenay in Quebec could not have Catholic prayers at meetings (as was tradition). While the decision was a welcome one, it was also narrow, applying only to Saguenay. What about other cities with religious invocations?

Well, one mayor is already testing the law by saying he ain’t getting rid of his prayers:

Oshawa Mayor John Henry

“I’m proud to be a Canadian,” Oshawa [Ontario] Mayor John Henry told the Star, shortly after hearing about the high court ruling. “I intend to continue doing the Lord’s Prayer prior to the commencement of the council meetings.”

Henry made it clear that in Oshawa the prayer is recited just before the formal meeting commences in council chambers.

He said there is widespread support in Oshawa for carrying on with the practice. “We ask that people please join in the Lord’s Prayer or take a moment of reflection.”

That may not last long, depending on whether anyone complains:

Constitutional experts have started to weigh-in saying that a similar complaint outside Quebec would likely lead to a similar decision by the Supreme Court under the Canadian Charter, as the two charters are very similar in regard to this particular issue.

Why Henry wants to put his city through the same legal battle that another city just lost is beyond me. He cares more about pushing his faith than doing what’s best for the people of Oshawa. I hope voters remember that.

In fact, you can let him and the other councilors know what you think right here.

(Thanks to Steve for the link)

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