Church Leader Starved Two-Year-Old Boy to Death to Rid Him of “Demon” April 16, 2015

Church Leader Starved Two-Year-Old Boy to Death to Rid Him of “Demon”

I know religion is only one of many factors involved in this story, so it alone can’t be blamed for what happened… but it reminds us that faith sure as hell doesn’t make you a better, more sensible person.

If it did, then two-year-olds wouldn’t starve to death for superstitious reasons:

Araceli Meza (via DeSoto Police Department)

A woman [Araceli Meza] who operated a church at her suburban Dallas home has been arrested for allegedly helping starve a 2-year-old boy to rid him of a “demon,” then holding a resurrection ceremony shortly after he died to try to revive him, investigators said Tuesday.

“They didn’t give the child any food for about 25 days,” [Balch Springs police Lt. Mark] Maret said. “They just gave him some water, which ultimately caused the child to die.”

Another church member, Delia Guadalupe Oyervides Herrera, told police she tried several times to feed the child during the 25-day fast, “but was scolded by the pastors of the church,” according to the affidavit. She asked the child’s mother why she would allow her child to be starved and was “advised that it was God’s will.”

It’s unclear what faith they practiced, though it was Christ-centered. Whatever the nature of their beliefs, their religion took priority over common sense — and everyone in that church let it happen.

I don’t even know what a two-year-old could have possibly been doing to make anyone think he was possessed by a demon. Crying? Acting immature? Being selfish? Other things that are just a normal part of growing up?

The boy’s parents have returned to Mexico and remain at large. No word yet on what punishment, if any, they will face. Meza is being held on a $100,000 bond.

(Thanks to Jaynee for the link)

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