Should a Texas County Issue $350,000,000 in Bonds to Improve Roads? The Answer May Depend on God April 13, 2015

Should a Texas County Issue $350,000,000 in Bonds to Improve Roads? The Answer May Depend on God

In Montgomery County, Texas, residents and elected officials are debating a proposal to “issue $350 million in bonds to maintain and expand roads.” I’m sure there are good people on both sides of the issue, but volunteer prayer-leader Mary Hammer Menzel made it clear last week during a meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court that God would totally vote in favor of the bonds.

Everyone else? They’re “tools of Satan”:

Menzel said she stood by the prayer.

“That’s their problem, not mine,” she said of those offended. “I like to exercise my rights as a Christian.”

Laura Fillault, who spoke during public comment, took exception to the prayer.

“I am not a ‘tool of Satan,’” she said. “I do not appreciate that part of the prayer. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior as well and I am not speaking for or against him because I believe he is worried about other things besides a road bond.

“It’s a road bond, not a satanic ritual.”

Apparently, Menzel also appeared in a video for the “Keep Montgomery County Moving PAC” (since removed) in which she said, “I am for the road bond, and the Lord is too.”

Which is sort of like a politician’s campaign ad ending in, “I’m Jesus, and I approved this message.”

Gotta say, it’s entertaining to watch Christians in Texas get offended by a prayer at a public meeting for once.

Welcome to our world.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Cynthia for the link)

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