Turkey’s Government is Building Mosques on College Campuses, So Students Are Demanding Jedi Temples, Too April 9, 2015

Turkey’s Government is Building Mosques on College Campuses, So Students Are Demanding Jedi Temples, Too

Last month, Istanbul Technical University announced it would build a mosque on campus to accommodate Muslim students. But now non-Muslims are speaking out and it’s glorious 🙂

One Change.org petition called for a Buddhist temple to go up at the school:

“I can’t fulfill my religious needs because the closest Buddhist temple is 2,000 kilometres away, and I can’t go there during lunch break,” a petitioner named Utku Gürçağ Borataç said on the website.

Nearly 20,000 people have signed that petition at the time of this writing.

Another Change.org petition demands a Jedi temple:

Not educated Padawan’s basicly can’t control their power and forced to swap to dark side. Anger mostly causes their death. In purpose of educating new Jedi’s, the community needs to be together. To control that power, we want Jedi Tamples. There will be a Jedi Council in the tample, and we will train and raise new Jedi’s.

That one has nearly 6,000 signatures and counting.

It’s all backlash against a government that has openly declared its desire to merge church and state:

Ever since they won power in 2002, the Islamist-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) led by president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan have been accused by secular opponents of attempting to overhaul Turkey’s education system by making it more Islamic.

Turkey’s government-controlled religious authority, the Diyanet, announced last year that mosques were being built on campuses at more than 80 universities, and a scheme is underway to convert one Istanbul university into a centre for Islamic learning.

This is the same government that blocked the website of a local atheist group on grounds of “provoking… hate and enmity.”

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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