Catholic School in Iowa Won’t Hire Gay Teacher Because He’s Engaged, but Students Are Staging a Walkout April 8, 2015

Catholic School in Iowa Won’t Hire Gay Teacher Because He’s Engaged, but Students Are Staging a Walkout

Dowling Catholic High School in Des Moines, Iowa is the latest school — and by latest, I mean I just posted about a similar situation a couple of hours ago — to reject a potential teacher for the faith-based crime of being gay and engaged:

Officials at Dowling, a school in West Des Moines with about 1,430 students, recently learned that a substitute teacher who had applied for a full-time teaching job is engaged to a man with whom he is in a same-sex relationship, officials said.

The substitute no longer works at Dowling, a spokeswoman for the diocese said.

“Our contracts contain specific language that outline the expected code of conduct in accord with long accepted Church teaching,” Luvern Gubbels, Des Moines Catholic Schools superintendent, wrote in the letter sent to parents of Dowling students. “The Catholic faith is central to our mission, and in order to deliver on that mission, it is our expectation that staff and teachers support our moral beliefs.”

And that’s why they’re scanning social media for any mention of teachers who use birth control…? No, wait, they don’t care about that issue. They just don’t want gay cooties infecting the Church. Because tradition always trumps common sense and human dignity.

As usual, the discrimination is protected by law because this is a religious school.

The best part of this story, though, is that the only people who seem to think the school leaders are doing the right thing… are the school leaders. The students sure as hell aren’t standing for it:

A walkout in protest of Dowling Catholic High School’s decision to not hire a gay teacher will be held on Wednesday afternoon.

Dowling Catholic High School students and alumni are planning to do a walkout and prayer at the northeast entrance of the school at 1:20 p.m. Wednesday, according to a news release.

“In holding this walkout, our goal is to let our community, administration and diocese know that the decisions of our diocesan and school leaders are not a direct reflection of what the students at Dowling Catholic believe,” Grace Mumm, a Dowling student, wrote in the news release.

More power to them.

(Thanks to Justin for the link)

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