FFRF Launches Ad Campaign Targeting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Expanded School Voucher Program April 4, 2015

FFRF Launches Ad Campaign Targeting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Expanded School Voucher Program

Among Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker‘s litany of faults is his decision to support vouchers that would ultimately use taxpayer money to fund religious schools. Before his budget is approved by state legislators, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is launching an ad campaign warning people about the voucher problem specifically.

Walker’s proposal would lift the 1,000-student cap on statewide private school tuition vouchers, opening the floodgates for state funding of religious schools. In the recently expanded statewide voucher system, 100% of the state-funded schools are Christian, and 73% of students attend Roman Catholic schools. The state must end this pernicious experiment to siphon funds from our public schools to fund church-run, religiously-segregated schools.

There’s this billboard that will go up in downtown Madison later this month:

Then there are these commercials which will air during local (and national) news broadcasts beginning on Monday:

“We have a sense of urgency to inform the public about the disastrous consequences, if Walker’s voucher expansion is adopted,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “His reckless scheme would defund and ultimately destroy our public schools.”

Walker’s budget bill would, if enacted, permit half of the students in Madison to move to private, mostly religious schools at taxpayer expense.

“We must end Wisconsin’s failed voucher experiment, not expand it,” Gaylor said, pointing to major abuses.

If you live in Wisconsin, there’s more information about the voucher program — and a way to contact your legislators to ask them to vote against the bill — right here.

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