Christian’s Complaint Against Baker Who Refused to Write “God Hates Gays” on Cake is Rejected by State Officials April 4, 2015

Christian’s Complaint Against Baker Who Refused to Write “God Hates Gays” on Cake is Rejected by State Officials

Last year, Bill Jack, the founder of a fundamentalist Christian organization, walked into the Denver-based Azucar Bakery and asked the owner to make a cake that had a hate-filled message on it:

[Owner Marjorie] Silva says Jack pulled out a piece of paper with phrases like “God hates gays” and requested her to write them on his cakes.

He wouldn’t let employees make a copy of the paper and would not read the words out loud, Silva claims. The bakery owner also says the customer wanted an image of two men holding hands with an “X” on top.

“After I read it, I was like ‘No way,'” Silva said. “‘We’re not doing this. This is just very discriminatory and hateful.'”

Get it? It was a Christian trying to pull a fast one over a bakery owner as some sort of weird protest in defense of “religious freedom.” After Silva said no, Jack filed a religious discrimination complaint with the Civil Rights division of Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies.

Marjorie Silva holds up a cake she made in response to this controversy

I’m happy to say that yesterday, the Department of Regulatory Agencies said that Silva did nothing wrong:

The state ruled that the cake shop had every right not to make the cakes on the grounds that the message on the cakes would be “derogatory.”

Because the shop would have treated any other customer the same way, the state decided the shop didn’t refuse service because of the customer’s religion.

Jack can appeal if he wants, but he probably won’t get anywhere.

Of course, you can understand the difference between Jack’s hateful request — which Silva would have rejected from (or against) anyone — and the way some Christian bakery owners selectively discriminate against gay couples expressing love.

Jack’s idea was foolish to begin with, but it’s telling that his protest involved an expression of hate. That’s how he sees gay people. He doesn’t even bother with the “love the sinner” pretense.

Good for Silva for not acquiescing to his demands.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Cat for the link)

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