Canadian Politician Quits Party and Becomes an Independent Following Backlash from His Anti-Evolution Rants April 3, 2015

Canadian Politician Quits Party and Becomes an Independent Following Backlash from His Anti-Evolution Rants

This week, Canadian MP James Lunney quit the Conservative party and became an Independent after claiming his party was guilty of “deliberate attempts to suppress a Christian world view.”

In an interview with the CBC’s Evan Solomon, Lunney (apparently not pronounced “looney”) gave a hilarious defense of his anti-science, anti-reality beliefs (beginning at 1:09:17):

Some highlights:

1:10:59 – “Macro evolution is a theory in crisis”
1:11:20 – “They cannot explain the origins of life,” confusing abiogenesis with evolution
1:11:55 – “It’s not about [Creationism]. It’s Intelligent Design.”
1:12:20 – “I have a bachelor of science degree”
1:12:30 – I don’t know how our bodies evolved, so it must not be true
1:13:05 – “If you want to see Richard Dawkins embarrassed, look at Ben Stein’s film Expelled.”
1:14:07 – “Evolution means different things in different contexts”
1:14:20 – “Most serious scientists” acknowledge that evolution is on shaky ground
1:14:44 – Won’t answer simple yes or no question about his own beliefs

1:15:00 – “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity”
1:15:47 – Big banks and industry are trying to shut down Christian law schools
1:17:20 – “Scientists are gagged” and two unnamed PhDs contacted him to complain about how their administration is preventing them from challenging evolution
1:18:00 – Smithsonian scientist Richard von Sternberg was fired for publishing an article on Intelligent Design. (Actually, von Sternberg was never a paid employee of the Smithsonian and the article he published wasn’t properly peer-reviewed.)
1:21:50 – Reaction by panel

Lunney isn’t running for re-election later this year for unrelated reasons, so that’s a plus. But what’s most stunning to me is how this is a big story. If he were a member of the GOP in the United States, he’d probably be considered a moderate.

(Thanks to Stephen for the link and timestamps)

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