Kevin Sorbo, the Atheist Professor in God’s Not Dead, Did a Reddit AMA… What Did We Learn From It? April 1, 2015

Kevin Sorbo, the Atheist Professor in God’s Not Dead, Did a Reddit AMA… What Did We Learn From It?

In order to promote his latest project, Kevin Sorbo went on Reddit yesterday to do an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session.

That’s the same Kevin Sorbo known for playing a straw man atheist professor in God’s Not Dead.

That guy went on Reddit. Take a wild guess how that played out…

I’ll save you the time and despair of reading through all of his answers, but here’s what we learned about Sorbo:

  • He has atheist and Agnostic friends. (Just once, I would love for someone saying, “I have ____ friends” to tell us their names so we could verify their existence for ourselves…)
  • If you didn’t like God’s Not Dead, you should just “Watch a movie that’s atheist. They’re out there!” (There are a few documentaries, sure, but Christians have entire film studios.)
  • His professor character was based on “people I’ve seen on cable shows that actually have clubs for atheists.” (Umm… does he know that there are entire channels for Christians? Turns out they have “clubs,” too. And I assure you they do *way* more damage to society than anything an atheist group could ever do.)
  • He knows deathbed conversions from atheism to Christianity are common because his mom saw it happen a bunch when she was a nurse.
  • He doesn’t get why atheists are so angry about a God they don’t believe in: “Why are you offended by a Nativity Scene? Then you should be equally offended by the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.” (As soon as the Easter Bunny starts passing laws discriminating against LGBT people and Santa Claus rejects my group’s winter display for not honoring the right God, they’ll face my wrath, too.)
  • He’s “not a Bible thumper,” you guys. (He just appeared in a movie that was basically Bible-thumping on the big screen.)
  • He claims he’s “not that outspoken about [his] beliefs, or [his] faith.” (Though the Internet suggests otherwise.)

Sorbo didn’t respond to the multitude of questions/comments about why the atheist he depicted in the film was such a caricature. You’d think his atheist friends would’ve pointed out how wrong he was with his portrayal…

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