Colorado Republican Loses Committee Assignment After Saying a Pregnant Woman Was Stabbed Because Abortion is Legal March 31, 2015

Colorado Republican Loses Committee Assignment After Saying a Pregnant Woman Was Stabbed Because Abortion is Legal

Gordon Klingenschmitt, the fundamentalist Christian and Colorado lawmaker, is finally getting a sort of punishment following his comments last week that the brutal attack of a pregnant woman occurred because we allow legal abortions in this country.

He has now been pulled from one of the two committees on which he served:

He’ll be pulled from the house health, insurance, and environment committee, but remain a member of the house local government committee.

“I was very disturbed by Representative Klingenschmitt’s comments last week and want to reiterate that his comments do not represent our caucus and he does not speak for our caucus. As House Minority Leader my ability to discipline a member of our caucus is limited. Representative Klingenschmitt’s conduct warranted his removal from the committee,” House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso (R-Loveland) said in a statement.

Wow… when you piss off a Republican for your extreme faith-based rhetoric, you know you crossed a line.

The only reason Klingenschmitt is remaining on the other committee is because “under house rules, every member must be allowed to serve on at least one committee of reference.”

It’d be better if the pressure forced him to resign, but he has too much pride for that.

He’s not happy about the news, saying he’ll suspend his ministry until the end of this legislative session:

My ministry job as a chaplain and preacher on Sundays has begun to overshadow the important work of serving as your State Rep., Monday through Friday in the Capitol.

I therefore announce that I will suspend my Christian preaching ministry for the next six weeks, and I will take a Sabbatical from my television show until the end of this legislative session. We will air a few more new programs created this week, but starting next week we plan to only air TV re-runs until the end of the legislative session on May 7th.

He also added that he was suspended for quoting “unpopular Bible verses from the pulpit,” instead of saying something heartless and callous following a tragedy.

Klingenschmitt issued a half-hearted apology last week, saying he was sorry for offending anybody and apologizing for his tone, but not actually admitting he was wrong.

(Thanks to Marilyn for the link)

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