Author of The Brick Bible Series Comes Out as Transgender March 31, 2015

Author of The Brick Bible Series Comes Out as Transgender

I’ve posted many times about The Brick Bible, which portrays biblical scenes using LEGOs:

Today, on Facebook, the author of that series came out as transgender:

I have chosen today, the Transgender Day of Visibility to officially introduce myself to the world as a transgender woman. Earlier this month my name was legally changed from Brendan Powell Smith to Elbe Spurling, and my gender legally recognized as female.

So, hello. I’m Elbe Spurling, a blue-haired transgender, lesbian, atheist artist and author of LEGO-illustrated religion and history books. I’m also a nice person trying to do some good in the world while I’m around.

I will likely continue to publish books under the name Brendan Powell Smith since it has become something of a marketable brand. Moreover, (unlike some who transition) I feel a full sense of continuity with my past identity. But in just about all other cases in my life, I will be going by my newly updated legal name and gender, and I will not be keeping my identity a secret. will now redirect to Thank you for your attention in this matter and for your continued fandom and support of my creative projects.

Congratulations to her. I’ve been fortunate in this movement to hear several examples of people making these kinds of revelations — young people telling their families they’re LGBT, pastors telling their congregations they’re atheists, etc. — and I’m constantly inspired by their courage. Every one of them makes it a little easier for the next person who is compelled to do the same.

Ironically, some of the commenters seem most surprised to learn that Elbe is an atheist.

We, like many of your fans, are Christians. I am so sad to hear that you are an atheist! I just want to let you know in the least condescending way possible, that I will be praying for you. And I will continue to enjoy your work!

(via Pharyngula)

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