National Portrait Gallery Honors Comedian George Carlin March 28, 2015

National Portrait Gallery Honors Comedian George Carlin

Yesterday, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. added a photo of comedian (and memorable religion-critic) George Carlin to the collection after a public vote:

His daughter Kelly Carlin wrote a brief reflection on his legacy for the gallery’s website:

My dad was a sentimental fool.

And so, when some of dad’s fans commented to me that he would think the hanging of his portrait today in the National Portrait Gallery would have made him laugh, or even bothered him, I had to tell them that they were dead wrong. Dad would have gotten a huge thrill out of it.

He would have relished the fact that his likeness — this latch-key kid from the rough-and-tumble Upper Westside of Manhattan, this man who made the world laugh with fart jokes, this man who dissected the English language to reveal our human folly, this man who was kicked out of every institution he was ever a member of — would be gracing the walls shared by presidents, world leaders, and other Americans of significance. It might have even brought a tear to his eye.

But now I’m getting sentimental.

It’s a well-deserved honor for a man whose comedy holds up after all these years.

By the way, his newly-revamped website features rare recordings from throughout his career.

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