Mississippi Sheriff’s Department Paints “In God We Trust” on Patrol Cars, Then Flaunts It on Facebook March 26, 2015

Mississippi Sheriff’s Department Paints “In God We Trust” on Patrol Cars, Then Flaunts It on Facebook

If you’re going to break the law, why would you flaunt it on Facebook?

The other day, I posted about the San Antonio Police Department and their “morning prayer.” Now, the Alcorn County Sheriff’s Department in Mississippi has posted this image of a squad car:

It was followed up the next day with this message:

As the admin of this page, I felt it necessary to ban some users and will continue to do so for any type of negative comments. We are not putting IN GOD WE TRUST on our vehicles to try and offend any person or group. This is our beliefs and with the job that we do, all of us TRUST IN GOD. If you are offended, we do apologize and ask that you leave the page. Thank You.

Offense, of course, isn’t the issue here. It’s about using a government agency — and taxpayer money — to promote religion. This message just contradicted the narrative we always hear about how it’s just a motto. No, this is obviously about belief in God and the assumption that everyone on the force is a Christian.

If it said “In God We Don’t Trust” or “In Allah We Trust,” there would be a national outcry. But because this is promoting Christianity, commenters on Facebook are acting like it’s no big deal.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been notified.

(Thanks to Matt for the link)

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