Ohio Public School District Asks Students to Practice “Christian Values” in Handbook March 24, 2015

Ohio Public School District Asks Students to Practice “Christian Values” in Handbook

Check out this page from the student handbook for Edon Northwest Local School District in Ohio:

Which “Christian values” do they want students to uphold? Being willing to kill someone if God tells them to? Stoning people who violate any of the Ten Commandments? Condemning gay and lesbian students in the district who decide to date someone of the same gender?

(And is it weird to anyone else that they separate “honesty” and “Christian values” as if they’re different things?)

In any case, there’s no reason for a public school district to promote “Christian values,” no matter how vague those values are, in the handbook. The ACLU of Ohio sent district officials a letter yesterday asking them to fix the handbook and alter their other Jesus-promoting activities:

The letter to the Edon Northwest Local School district, which is near the Ohio-Indiana border, cites the school system’s student handbook, which references “Christian values,” and what the ACLU says is a practice of inviting ministers to pray at mandatory school assemblies. John Granger, interim superintendent who joined the district in January, said he has not witnessed some of the incidents referenced by the ACLU, but that if the allegations are true, the district should make changes.

”This has already been settled by the United States Supreme Court,“ Mr. Granger said. “I would make a recommendation to the board of education that if we are in violation of the law, we should stop.”

The ACLU letter claims ministers attended assemblies before the Thanksgiving and winter holidays, and that students need parent approval to opt out of the events.

“These reports also allege that the ministers pray aloud, ask the students to join in the prayer and recite homilies concerning upcoming holidays,” the letter states.

Since he arrived in January, it’s possible that the new superintendent didn’t notice any of these violations first-hand, but let’s hope he’ll put a stop to all of it now that he’s been alerted to the problems.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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