Ken Ham: Climate Change Would Be “Startling” if Earth Were Millions of Years Old, But It’s Not, So Don’t Worry! March 24, 2015

Ken Ham: Climate Change Would Be “Startling” if Earth Were Millions of Years Old, But It’s Not, So Don’t Worry!

It’s always unnerving to hear Ken Ham admit the reality of climate change. But then he keeps talking and everything goes back to normal.

God did it.

In his latest brain dropping, he goes after his critics:

creationists do not deny climate change! And at Answers in Genesis we don’t shy away from using the term “climate change.” Climate change is an observable process that we see happening around us. We can measure the temperature in the present and see that it changes from year to year (this is observational science). So we don’t reject the fact that climates do indeed change. What we do reject are the worldview-based assumptions behind the radical claims of climate change alarmists. You see, what you believe about the severity and causes of climate change has a lot to do with what you believe about the history of Earth.

If you accept the man-made idea that the Earth is millions of years old and that the ice cores in Antarctica and Greenland preserve a supposed record of hundreds of thousands of years of climate patterns, then modern trends in climate change are startling and seemingly caused by human activity. But the Bible records the true history of the Earth. Our world is not millions of years old but only a few thousand years old, and it was affected by a catastrophic global Flood and the subsequent Ice Age. Our climate was designed by an all-wise and all-knowing Designer, and He has promised that our seasons will continue…

So climate change would be “startling” if the Earth is millions of years old… (which it is). However, God created the universe a few thousand years ago so nothing to worry about!

That post, like many of his recent ones, was “written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.” Which makes you wonder how much time they spend making up all this “research.”

What’s really scary is that there will be multiple people running for President who think just like him.

We’re so screwed…

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