Awkward Sex Advice from a Christian Motivational Speaker March 24, 2015

Awkward Sex Advice from a Christian Motivational Speaker

You have to appreciate sex advice from anyone who seriously calls it “the sex.” Welcome to the creepy (and highly-edited) world of Dawson McAllister:

The lesson just gets stranger from there:

Animals, as you know, have sex differently than humans. I’m into horses and I know these things.

Premarital sex is a sin against your own body because it robs you of the dignity that God Himself has given you. It takes your incredibly valuable body and trashes it. Like a beautiful painting that has been splattered with tar, your body, misused with sex, loses some of its inner beauty and value.

I don’t know about you, but I would not let my daughter out, dating a non-Christian guy. Hey, if you were a non-Christian guy, you’d get all you could! You only go around in life once, don’t you?

And if you were a non-Christian girl, you’d be right there, too, giving it all away. 7 out of 10 do.

Mixed in with those comments are his theoretical examples involving rape. Because once you start digging a hole, why stop?

I got one thing out of the video, though: Forget YOLO. It’s all about YOGAILO.

(via Honeydew Wilkins)

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