Openly Secular Day is April 23: Can You Come Out to Just One Person? March 23, 2015

Openly Secular Day is April 23: Can You Come Out to Just One Person?

On April 23, the Openly Secular campaign is asking you to pledge to tell one person you’re not religious:

… there is no better way to combat the stigma of being secular than by being open about it… This is because when you personally know someone with a marginalized identity, it’s more difficult to stigmatize or vilify them. You can observe firsthand that any myths propagated about who they are because of their identity aren’t true, and this may make you question what else you had thought about that identity. By pledging to Tell One Person, you can help make the world more accepting for those who may not be able to be openly secular right now.

If you’re the leader of a local or campus group, consider hosting an event to mark the occasion.

And if you are religious, you can still sign the pledge to say you support those of us who are!

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