Creationist Megan Fox Thinks Our Library Fundraiser Backfired March 23, 2015

Creationist Megan Fox Thinks Our Library Fundraiser Backfired

If you need to catch up on this story, I suggest reading this post.

Creationist Megan Fox posted this on her Facebook page yesterday:

A few thoughts:

1) The difference in the fundraised amount and the check is the amount GoFundMe took for their fees. I’m not sure why that’s relevant.

2) The money wasn’t raised to “hurt Megan Fox.” It was raised to help the library.

3) The money went to the library’s general funds. In other words, if we didn’t give them that money, the $55,000 would’ve come entirely from the library’s bank account. Instead, they now have nearly $7,000 extra to use for legitimate educational purposes. (Edit: The money was paid by the library’s insurance company, not their own account. Which seems to add even more weight to our donation…)

That’s how numbers work.

But I guess Fox knows as much about math as she does science.

By the way, I wouldn’t bother leaving any comments on her Facebook page. She’s deleting anything that points out her ignorance.

"Two edits and the fucking comment still gets grabbed by the motherfuckingnetnannyfromHELLLLLLL!whogarglesfucktonzofpoo."

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