This Humanist Group’s Inclusion on the AFA’s Bigotry Map is “Nothing Short of Saintly” March 21, 2015

This Humanist Group’s Inclusion on the AFA’s Bigotry Map is “Nothing Short of Saintly”

We already know reporters can’t seem to find any reason various Humanist/LGBT/AARP groups were included on the American Family Association’s “Bigotry Map.”

The American University Rationalists and Atheists (now known as the AU humanist Community) made the list — and they’re downright giddy about it:

“We are very humbled by your acknowledgement of our very existence and consider the act nothing short of saintly,” [president Nathaniel] Caspari said in the e-mail sent to the AFA.

“In reality, I did think about the fact that there might be people on the AFA website that take everything they say a little bit too seriously,” Caspari said. “So if the AFA is wondering — pretty much all we do — is we try to bring people together, promote science, reason, learning and community.”

They’re obviously haters. Don’t they know that promoting science and reason is the antithesis of AFA-style Christianity?

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