Conrad Black Rails Against the “Shabby, Shallow World of the Militant Atheist” March 21, 2015

Conrad Black Rails Against the “Shabby, Shallow World of the Militant Atheist”

Conrad Black, hardly a paragon of moral virtue, has plenty to say about “militant atheism” and the National Post gave him an outlet for it:

The current militant atheists: those well-known and learned professionals who not only strongly dispute the existence of God, but are hyperactive on the international speaking and debating circuits evangelizing random audiences both to the non-existence of God — hardly a novel contention nor one any of them puts forth with much originality — but to the evil and destructiveness of religion itself. Richard Dawkins has often said that “the very idea that we get a moral compass from religion is horrible.”

How dare those “militant” atheists?! They’re educated and working to spread their ideas about the problems with religion? BLASPHEMY!

The article is full of the usual lazy “arguments” against atheism: “atheism is a faith,” there’s too much we can’t explain through science, there had to be a Creator to begin everything, we can’t have ethics without religion, etc. Things that have been refuted many times over to anyone willing to hear those counterpoints.

And who better to lecture us about morals than a convicted felon…?

You have to appreciate the image that accompanies the piece: A bus ad that reads “Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence.” It’s almost a subtle jab against Black, who can’t even offer the slightest bit of evidence.

Richard Dawkins, excoriated throughout the piece, offered this challenge to his Twitter followers:

Get out a red pen and start from the top. It might take a while to catch all of the mistakes.

(via Canadian Atheist)

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