Spanish Priest and Demon-Slaying Helper Charged After Performing 13 Exorcisms on Anorexic Teenager March 20, 2015

Spanish Priest and Demon-Slaying Helper Charged After Performing 13 Exorcisms on Anorexic Teenager

Eating disorders are the work of the devil. Whoyougonnacall? Demonbusters!

A Spanish priest and an exorcist have been charged with gender violence and causing injury and mistreatment after the exorcist performed repeated exorcisms on an anorexic teenage girl.

A judge in Burgos has called for the arrest of exorcist Jesús Hernández Sahagún, the official exorcist of Valladolid, along with the girl’s priest, after she endured 13 exorcisms while still a minor.

Somehow, her parents are blameless in the eyes of the court, even though they hired the hobgoblin extractor in the first place.

The chain of events began in 2012, according to the Spanish newspaper El País, when the girl began to suffer from anorexia. Her parents, convinced that she had become possessed by a devil, decided to have her exorcised, and appealed to their priest for help. She was then tied up and had crucifixes hung above her bed, an ordeal which later led her to attempt suicide. …

The priest reportedly knew that the young girl was receiving medical treatment for anorexia, the court heard, and had assured her parents that the exorcisms would not interfere with her health.

We have obtained exclusive NSFW footage of the procedure in question. (Not really. But here, because TGIF, is everyone’s favorite scene from the Exorcist.)

Exorcisms are on the rise across many Catholic countries. In 2013, it was reported that the Catholic church in Spain had recruited eight specialist exorcists to combat an “unprecedented rise” in cases of “demonic possession.”

Possessed? No money to fly to Spain? Remember that U.S. pastor Bob Larson will exorcise your satanic tormentors over Skype, promising to “stop [your] cycles of failure, poverty and sickness.”

And your anorexia? With God’s mercy and a valid credit card, anything is possible.

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