Once Again, a Texas Elementary School Can’t Stop Promoting Christianity at the Book Fair March 18, 2015

Once Again, a Texas Elementary School Can’t Stop Promoting Christianity at the Book Fair

Last year, I posted a lot about the numerous church/state violations taking place in Texas’ Hardin-Jefferson Independent School District.

Things got even stranger in October, when China Elementary School held a book fair sponsored by Scholastic Books… that featured a display table full of Jesus:

That picture is courtesy of a parent in the district who attended the fair.

Needless to say, Scholastic doesn’t offer those titles for a book fair unless it’s a religious school.

At the latest fair, certain Christian books were gone… but according to the same parent, they’ve just been replaced with a different assortment of Christian books:

So many books about how awesome God is… none of which are actually provided by Scholastic.

Let’s be blunt: This is all just a ruse to convince children these are the books their teachers want them to read.

I’ve informed the Freedom From Religion Foundation about the issue. Still, this is just the latest in a long line of constitutional violations by this district. I’m not sure how long they’re allowed to keep playing this game without getting hit with any penalties.

(Portions of this article were published earlier. I updated the post to reflect how the district did not say they would remove the Christian books after the initial book fair)

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