Daesh Defector Describes Drug Use, Rape Sessions With Non-Muslim Girls, and Serial Marriages For Muslim Ones March 18, 2015

Daesh Defector Describes Drug Use, Rape Sessions With Non-Muslim Girls, and Serial Marriages For Muslim Ones

An ex-fighter for Daesh in Iraq opens up about the atrocities he was asked to commit to help establish the caliphate:

“The executions, or more horribly the beheadings, as well as the raping of the non-Muslim girls … These scenes terrified me,” [Hamza] told the British newspaper [the Independent]. “I imagined myself being caught up in these shootings, executions, beheadings and raping, if I stayed where I was.”

Being a member of the Islamic State was just too brutal for Hamza, who is from the Iraqi city of Fallujah. He originally became an ISIS fighter last year when he was attracted to the religious appeal and benefits.

He got out, he says when his tasks began to include executions. He wasn’t tempted by violent sex assaults either.

Hamza says another reason he defected was because he couldn’t stand by and watch as the sex-crazed extremists raped countless numbers of captured women.

“It was in the first week of December 2014 when they brought about 13 Yazidi girls,” he said. “The commander tried to tempt us by saying that this is halal [lawful] for you, a gift from Allah that we are allowed to satisfy ourselves without even marrying them because they are pagans. …

“There were some Tunisian Muslim girls who came from Syria. Those Muslim girls were sleeping with some commanders under a marriage contract for a week only and then they were divorced and married to another one. I asked one of them how she had come to be in Syria and she answered that she had traveled first to Turkey and then across the Turkish-Syrian border.”

After almost six months of madness, he’d had enough, he says, and he paid people to smuggle him out of the Daesh-controlled areas.

“In the beginning, I thought they were fighting for Allah, but later I discovered they are far from the principles of Islam,” Hamza explained. “I know that some fighters were taking hallucinatory drugs; others were obsessed with sex. I left them because I was afraid and deeply troubled by this horrible situation,” he added. “The justice they were calling for when they first arrived in Fallujah turned out to be only words.”

Only words. No relation to reality. Sounds familiar somehow.

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