Schocker: Rep. Aaron Schock Resigns In Expenses Scandal March 17, 2015

Schocker: Rep. Aaron Schock Resigns In Expenses Scandal

Aaron Schock, a conservative Baptist, went down in ignominy today, after a journalist caught the Illinois congressman and GOP Boy Wonder doctoring his expense report.

Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock resigned Tuesday, less than 12 hours after Politico raised questions about tens of thousands of dollars in mileage reimbursements he received for his personal vehicle.

Schock billed the federal government and his campaign for logging roughly 170,000 miles on his personal car between January 2010 and July 2014. But when he sold that Chevrolet Tahoe in July 2014, it had only roughly 80,000 miles on the odometer, according to public records obtained by Politico under Illinois open records laws. The documents, in other words, indicate he was reimbursed for 90,000 miles more than his car was ever driven.

Fit, but not fit for public office

The discrepancy added to a growing wave of ethical and legal problems the 33-year-old politician faces.

Those problems included apparent financial shenanigans with air travel, Katy Perry concert tickets being billed to his campaign, and the perception that he’d misspent money on redecorating his Capitol Hill Office in the style of Downton Abbey. I wrote about Schock’s troubles less than a month ago.

In a statement released today, Schock said,

“[T]he constant questions over the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve the people of the 18th District with the high standards that they deserve and which I have set for myself. I have always sought to do what’s best for my constituents and I thank them for the opportunity to serve.”

Ah. He’s not stepping down because he stole from taxpayers, you see; he is magnanimously looking out for their interests by trying not to get “distracted.” Such a mensch.

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