A Free Online Course About Religious Conflicts March 17, 2015

A Free Online Course About Religious Conflicts

This sounds neat: The University of Groningen (in the Netherlands) is going to run a free online course called “Religion and Conflict“:

Many conflicts in the world today are framed in terms of religion, but there is much discussion and confusion concerning the precise role religion plays in these conflicts. According to some, conflict and violence are inherent to religion. Others claim that religion is only the guise under which social, economic or political conflicts are fought out. The first step to solving religiously framed conflicts is understanding the role of religion in them, and that is what this free online course is about.

Very relevant stuff. I haven’t seen the materials yet, so I can’t vouch for the course, but I’m sure some of the readers here will want to check it out. Class starts up April 13 and you can sign up here.

(Thanks to Andy for the link)

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