“Anti-Gang Pastor” Shaun Harrison Arrested For Drug-Dealing and Shooting 17-Year-Old Student In the Head March 11, 2015

“Anti-Gang Pastor” Shaun Harrison Arrested For Drug-Dealing and Shooting 17-Year-Old Student In the Head

Quite the God-works-in-mysterious-ways transformation:

Pastor Shaun O. Harrison Sr. was the dean of students at English High School in Boston. He made a name for himself in the community as the antigang pastor and his nickname was “Rev,” according to a Boston Globe story.


Police say a 17-year-old boy shot in the back of the head pointed to “Rev.” as his assailant. Prosecutors say the pastor was leading a double life.

Harrison tried to deal drugs to his victim, prosecutors allege:

While he was working as “dean of academy” at English High, Harrison was also running a marijuana distribution enterprise, according to Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney David Bradley. At an arraignment hearing Thursday, Bradley said the 55-year-old now-former dean shot a 17-year-old student he had allegedly hired to sell marijuana.

Bradley said in a news release that the two got into a dispute after leaving Harrison’s home Tuesday evening. They were walking along a street when Harrison then “produced a handgun, pointed it at the back of the victim’s head and fired,” Bradley said in a news release. The incident was captured on surveillance footage, but the police have not released it.

The teen, who has not been named by police yet, was shot behind the right ear, according to a police report. He is expected to survive his injuries.

According to the Boston Globe,

[Harrison] was set to be fired from his job as a dean at English High School for shoving a female student

… mere hours before the shooting.

Police described a fruitless investigation into the minister’s activities last summer, and the city later released a timeline of his spotty Boston public schools career, including reprimands for his encounters with students.

Officers say they found “a trove of drugs and guns” in Harrison’s apartment.

The man is an ordained Baptist minister, but it isn’t clear when he last served in a clerical role. The Globe says that

Harrison has been associated with different Boston churches over the years, including Charles Street A.M.E. Church and Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, though he no longer attends either church, according to their pastors. For six months last year, Harrison attended Hampton Outreach Ministry, which is now called Refuge Deliverance Outreach Church, said George Hampton, the pastor.

As fallen angels go, this one seems to have plummeted deeper than most.

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