Muslim Lawyer in India Files Suit to Allow Marriage to Underage Girls March 9, 2015

Muslim Lawyer in India Files Suit to Allow Marriage to Underage Girls

Oh noes! The religious freedom to marry children is under attack in India!

On Thursday, Justice C T Selvam had disallowed marriage of a 15-year-old Muslim girl, saying, “This court cannot, and would not, pass an order by virtue of which little girls become child brides.”

Stung by the court’s ongoing meddling in the affairs of Muslims,

On Friday, Madurai-based advocate M Mohamed Abbas filed a PIL [public interest litigation, intended for the protection of the public interest] faulting government officials who had foiled the marriage of a 16-year-old girl.

The PIL said the action of social welfare officials had offended the basic tenets of Islam. The department prevented a lawful marriage under Mohammedan Law, … the petitioner said.

The fact that the girl at the heart of Abbas’ lawsuit is 16 is no coincidence, I reckon. Public and judicial opinion would almost certainly be against him if the girl was 12 or 13. By fighting the case over a 16-year-old, he might increase his chances of achieving a camel’s-nose victory, opening the door to the de facto legalization of even younger girls being married off according to “Mohammedan law.”

The age of consent is currently 18 in India — quite a change from the late nineteenth century, when it was 10. Seriously, 10.

In 1892, the marital rape and subsequent death of an 11 year-old girl, Phulmoni Dasi, caused the age of consent to be raised from 10 to 12.

It has since been raised three more times.

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