Creationists: God Designed the World, so Don’t Worry About Climate Change March 8, 2015

Creationists: God Designed the World, so Don’t Worry About Climate Change

Here’s the gist of why Creationists don’t believe humans have any impact on climate change: God would never let that happen. The world is perfect as is.

God did it.

To that end, Answers in Genesis recently posted an article by Dr. Alan White that included this passage:

The globe is warming, but it’s not your fault.

What is your worldview? Do you trust that God brilliantly designed and created everything and trust that He has your best interests at heart, or will you always be worried that the planet is on the verge of going out of control?

In other words, accepting climate change means doubting God’s wisdom. And we can’t have that now, can we?

You can pick apart the details of that article all you want, but it raises a very important point: There are people out there who think Creationism is irrelevant. It’s a fringe belief, you don’t have to understand evolution to be a productive member of society, the vast majority of public schools aren’t teaching it, etc.

But this sort of thinking — Bible-based and completely unscientific — has serious consequences. Especially when the deniers hold positions of power in Congress.

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