A Vocal Atheist May Soon Be Appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court March 7, 2015

A Vocal Atheist May Soon Be Appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court

It’s no surprise that Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is a Christian. He doesn’t just talk about it; he seems to put the Bible above the Constitution. So do a lot of activist judges these days.

That’s why I’m excited that Eddie Tabash (below), an atheist attorney, may soon be appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Even though Tabash has debated a number of Christian apologists over the years, been a very vocal advocate for church/state separation, and chairs the Board of Directors for the Center For Inquiry, he’s not about to let his personal beliefs get in the way of following the Constitution.

Being an atheist has made him sensitive to the plight of others who are “on the receiving end of society’s prejudice,” he told the MetNews. As a judge, he said, “:I’d be scrupulous that anyone who came before me would be treated with absolute fairness. I would not want to do to religious believers what some religious believers have done to me.”

Still, he explained, “what really makes me want to do this now is a desire to be not a partisan, but a neutral adjudicator… to be supremely courteous to everyone who comes before me and to correctly apply California law.”

I’m sure everyone says that, but lets hope an atheist in that position would do a better job of sticking to it than so many of the judges who have been in the news lately.

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