A Redditor Who Said “Oh My God” Got This Corrective Letter From a Christian March 7, 2015

A Redditor Who Said “Oh My God” Got This Corrective Letter From a Christian

After using the phrase “Oh my God,” Redditor PreepyCasta received this amazing passive-aggressive note from an anonymous Christian well-wisher:

I heard you using the Lord’s name in vain, probably unknowingly, but I care enough about you as a person to tell you what you might not know what you are doing when you use his name in vain. Saying “Jesus Christ” or “oh my God” is very common now and you probably hear it all the time and it’s probably the reason why you say it without really giving it much thought. But it is actually a very serious thing in The eyes of God. What you are doing when you use his name in vain is not giving the honor and respect due His name. He gave you life and everything you have and using his name to express disgust or as a cuss word is a huge deal even though nobody thinks it is anymore. You wouldn’t use the name of someone you love to express disgust would you?

I’ve said “motherfucker” more than a few times in my life — does that count?

Well same with The Lord. He loves you so much beyond what you can ever imagine and beyond measure and he doesn’t like it when you don’t respect Him. So please try to use some other word or phrase like “oh my goodness” or something like that. Thank you for your consideration.

Maybe “Oh my Santorum” would work… but if you have better ideas, I’m all ears.

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