Document Shows Egyptian Atheist Received Prison Sentence for Denying Miracles and Supporting LGBT Rights March 6, 2015

Document Shows Egyptian Atheist Received Prison Sentence for Denying Miracles and Supporting LGBT Rights

In 2013, 20-year-old Sherif Gaber was arrested for starting a Facebook group about religion. His own post on the subject explained his deconversion:

I started to see the contradictions between the Quran and scientific facts, and day by day for 2 years after searching and reading I knew the truth. Then I became an atheist and hid it for a few months. Then I admit it despite knowing that I might get killed any moment…

Even though I’m not afraid to say I’m an atheist to everyone who asks about my religion… To die for the truth is much much better to live in a lie!

Last month, we learned that the now-22-year-old Suez Canal University student was outed by his classmates, who told the school President, who in turn “filed a legal complaint against the student to the local prosecution on the grounds of contempt of religion.”

He was sentenced to one year in jail for his “crime”:

The Center for Inquiry just got ahold of the 2013 police investigation into Gaber and it’s a joke what they’re accusing him of — or at least it would be if the stakes weren’t so high:

… he denied the miracles and the Monotheistic religions and affirmed the rights of homosexuals and gays to have sexual intercourse.

The investigations and information also added that he scorned the teachings of the true Islamic Religion. He also denied the divine miracles and the verses of the Holy Quran, in an attempt to promote these ideas at the campus, the ideas, which he was convinced of through the social media, on the internet, claiming that he possessed the material and logical evidences that proved that his ideas and beliefs are correct.

So he supported LGBT rights, rightly denied miracles, and felt he could back it all up with logic and evidence.

For that, he’s been handed a prison sentence and fine. His life is in jeopardy for challenging Islam.

There but for the grace of a fucked up, theocratic society go all the rest of us.

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