Unaware of Praying Pig’s Sudden Celebrity, Chinese Farmer Slaughters It March 5, 2015

Unaware of Praying Pig’s Sudden Celebrity, Chinese Farmer Slaughters It

A Chinese pig that caused a viral sensation after it was seen “praying” close to a Buddhist temple in China apparently didn’t pray hard enough to avoid being killed.

A pig has become a viral star in China after escaping from its farm and bowing its head in front of a Buddhist temple in what appears to be a prayer pose.

The pig was photographed and videotaped Feb. 22 outside the temple in Wenzhou when the animal struck a bowed pose that witnesses said made it appear the pig was praying — although others hypothesized the animal may have been kneeling as a result of a Vitamin E deficiency.

Or a joint inflammation, or congenitally weak shoulder tendons, or an environmental toxin, or food poisoning.

Seriously, praying?

Witnesses said the pig was in the prayer position for a long period of time before a monk arrived and chanted sutras for it.

I would have been more impressed if it was the hog that did the chanting (even if it squealed only Pig Latin).


Pictures of the animal with its head bowed at the temple near Wenzhou in Zhejiang province have [attracted] nearly eight million hits.

Luckily for Grumpy Cat and Mishka the Talking Husky, however, the pig wasn’t able to sate the Internet’s desire for cute animal videos for very long. Its owner, unaware that his wayward porker had rocketed to fame overnight, tracked the animal down and gutted it.

It was slaughtered on Sunday evening and the owner only found out about his animal’s new-found celebrity later. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have killed it,” he said.

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