Oregon City Council Member Receives Death Threat After Opposing “In God We Trust” Display March 5, 2015

Oregon City Council Member Receives Death Threat After Opposing “In God We Trust” Display

Last month, I mentioned that Klamath Falls, Oregon was the latest city to considering putting an “In God We Trust” display in City Hall. But unlike most other cities, there was actually resistance from elected officials:

“If ‘In God We Trust’ is going to be placed on that wall, shall we then place ‘Allahu Akbar’ on this wall for our Muslim citizens? Or ‘Yahweh is God, you shall have no other god before him’ on that wall for our Jewish citizens? Or ‘We bow down to our Mother Earth at this time of solstice’ on the back wall for our Wiccan citizens? Then we have the Buddhists, the Baha’i, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Orthodox Catholics and so on.

“God knows what we’ll do with the atheists,” said Trish Seiler, Klamath Falls City Councilwoman. “Choosing one faith over another by placing the proposed plaque in this room is not only unconstitutional, it is morally wrong. It is not the American way.”

Wow… to hear a Councilwoman say that is a rare delight these days.

It looks like someone in the community wasn’t happy with it, though, because it wasn’t long before Seiler received a death threat from an anonymous citizen:

The 400-word, typewritten letter was littered with bigoted remarks, name-calling and racial slurs. It concluded by calling for her beheading by overseas terrorists.

The person claims “Christian morality” formed what is now the United States, and then wrote, “Maybe we could have the privilege of seeing your wonderful Muslims behead your (expletive) ugly (expletive)!!!”

Just like what Jesus would’ve written…

Seiler bravely rebuked the “Christian Love” during Monday night’s city council meeting:

“This terrorist, like many bullies in my life, has underestimated me,” Seiler added. “I have more strength, intelligence, and tenacity than some may think. I’m on the side of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, with liberty and justice for all.

“I will do the job I was elected to do: Represent Ward 1 and all the Klamath Falls residents to the best of my ability,” she said. “I will passionately fight for the nameless, the voiceless, the folks who feel they have no say in this community’s future.”

That’s pretty damn incredible. Let’s hope the threat is merely that and the council can soon go back to dealing with actual issues rather than these faith-based distractions.

(Top image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Tony and Brian for the link)

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