I Knew It! Jesus Is Full of Hot Air March 5, 2015

I Knew It! Jesus Is Full of Hot Air

This Easter, Sky Sail Balloons Inc. will be renting out this hot air balloon:

The balloon ride business offers the opportunity to share a totally unique perspective of God’s creation. The extension of using a balloon to introduce to, and remind people of, the Good News was a step that made a lot of sense, not to mention the obvious comical irony of having a resurrection themed balloon named “RISEN!”

Though none of you will be able to rent it:

The Risen Balloon is available to attend balloon events or other Christian outreach events. In order to sponsor the balloon you or your organization must be believers in the sanctity of the Holy Bible, you must profess your faith of either the Apostolic or Niacin creed or outwardly profess belief in the Holy Bible.

That’s… weird. (I’m genuinely curious what would happen if, say, a group of openly gay Christians wanted to rent it out. Would they be allowed to?)

I hope someone rents it out, though. There are bound to be hilarious photo ops featuring people on the ground as Jesus rises above them.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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