Turkish Court Blocks Website of Atheist Group for “Provoking… Hate and Enmity” March 4, 2015

Turkish Court Blocks Website of Atheist Group for “Provoking… Hate and Enmity”

It was almost a year ago that the first physical building dedicated to atheism opened up in Turkey:

But if you try to visit their website in the country, you’re out of luck. A court order has now blocked it:

As of March 4, Turkish internet users could not access www.ateizmdernegi.org without using tools to bypass blockings, such as a VPN.

The court ruling cites Article 216 of the Turkish Penal Law, which forbids “provoking the people for hate and enmity or degrading them.”

This is the sort of “hate” that conservatives Christians use when they whine about being persecuted. They equate disagreement and criticism with hate and bigotry.


Only three weeks after its foundation, the [atheist] association had to install a panic button, which is directly connected to the police center near its headquarters in Istanbul, due to death threats.

The hatred, I promise you, isn’t flowing in both directions.

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